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WiFi & Network Solutions

Telecom Solutions (GB) Limited is a leading provider of fast, reliable WiFi and intelligent network security solutions, designed and implemented to meet your organisation’s individual needs.

Why choose Telecomsgb ?

Throughout our many years in the Telecom industry, we have installed wireless solutions everywhere; from convents to nursing homes, from large-scale city centre universities to small rural schools.

We appreciate the need to be flexible and businesses, schools and all other organisations still need to function while a solution is installed. Because of this, we can agree an installation plan to minimise disruption and ensure that each system we install is fully tested to align with your industry’s regulations.

For added peace of mind, we can carry out active WiFi surveys (otherwise known as heat-map surveys). This involves the use of specialised hardware and software to measure the signal strength of our proposed WiFi solution in all parts of your site or campus. This ensures we obtain the required signal strength in all the necessary areas on every type of mobile device you wish to connect to your new WiFi network. This can include internal coverage as well as outside communal areas.

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Poor WiFi performance can seriously disrupt daily tasks and lower productivity. This is why today’s users require fast, reliable WiFi as standard.

Telecomsgb is a leading provider of business WiFi solutions. Delivering high-speed connections to businesses, educational establishments, public sector organisations, retail outlets and the hospitality industry aswell as a specialist in the Healthcare sector. All of our connections are secure, safeguarding user privacy and the information shared across the network.

Our WiFi solutions can be implemented as part of your existing IT infrastructure or as a new installation. We understand your needs and will develop a WiFi solution to suit.

  • Reliable & Scalable
    Access quick, secure and reliable WiFi throughout your entire business.
  • Fast & Secure
    Safeguard connections and data through improved network security.
  • Wide Coverage
    Covers a wide area and is easily accessible by multiple access points.

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Is poor broadband performance causing frustration in your business? Telecomsgb can easily install high-speed broadband into your existing IT infrastructure, and provide seamless connectivity across multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Improved Download Speed
    The whole of your network is only as fast as the internet connection to your premises.

Point-to-Point (PtP) WiFi

PtP WiFi is used to spread internet connectivity across large areas using wireless connection points, thus eliminating the need for extensive cabling.

So, if you feel like you’re paying too much for your leased line connections, KBR’s PtP WiFi Solutions can offer your organisation an alternative that could save you money while also providing a faster, more secure internet service.

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Network Security

Do you doubt your network security? Unless you are certain your network is secure, you are putting your business at risk to growing digital threats.

Telecomsgb network security is designed with the safeguarding of the user’s privacy in mind. Bespoke to your organistions’ individual requirements, we offer a flexible solution whilst looking after your information.

Telecomsgb’s commit to performing regular maintenance and updates to your system. So if you take your network security as seriously as we do, get in touch.

Our Network Security solutions safeguard business-critical information and data shared across your network. They also protect against digital attacks and threats, minimise disruption to your business or organisation, monitor application usage and control what users can access.

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Outdoor WiFi

If your outdoor internet isn’t up to speed, your business could be suffering. Your customers need seamless connectivity in order to check in at your location and post updates about their experience – this is a huge part of getting increased brand exposure for your event or business.

If your business or event is located in an area of poor mobile coverage, Telecomsgb’s outdoor WiFi is the solution. We deliver reliable, secure outdoor WiFi coverage via multiple access points where required.

  • Easy to Connect
    Quickly and easily accessible by multiple devices.
  • Reliable & Scalable
    Creates a reliable, scalable IT infrastructure that works for you.
  • Wide Coverage
    Covers a wide area and is easily accessible by multiple access points.
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Guest WiFi

Konnectifi unlocks the potential of your existing wireless network and enables you to capture, segment and automatically send out GDPR-compliant targeted email campaigns. Features include:

  • Data gathering
    Capture customer data
  • Targeted promotions
    Send relevant messages to customers
  • Grow social media presence
    Encourage social media interaction
  • Customer feedback
    Find out problems before they go away unhappy and post bad reviews
  • Analytics reporting
    Data is the new gold, receive regular reports

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Cable Networking

Telecomsgb proudly provides an entire range of network services, including network cabling. We use our experience to create an IT infrastructure specifically suited to your needs. The result is a sophisticated cabling solution that is both reliable and scalable.

Our network cabling solutions are installed by expert engineers with minimum disruption to your regular business activities.

  • Reliable & Scalable
    Creates a reliable, scalable IT infrastructure that works for you.
  • Network Security
    Safeguard connections and data through improved network security.
  • Fastest Device Connections
    Ideal to have throughout your business. WiFi is only as fast as the wires connected to it.

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