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BT Quantum Telephone System Installation, Maintenance & Upgrades BT Quantum specialist

Powerful, entry-level on-premises system for the small business with up to 48 users



BT Quantum is more than a phone system. It’s a communications system that gives you flexibility.
An on-premises system that people can use from wherever they are, via the internet or the traditional network. Quantum keeps you in touch with your customers.
And it makes it easy for colleagues to stay in touch, wherever they are.

         BT Quantum offers

  • Mobile Twinning –one number for mobile and office phone.Bothphones will ring when a client calls.
  • One contact number
  • Teleworker – You or your staff can work anywhere as long as there is a broadband connection. Just plug an IP phone into broadband and you will be able to access your communication system.
  • Unified Communications – Take your conversations online via computer. You can dial phone numbers with one click. Your team can communicate online. You will also be able to see the details of the person you are talking to on the screen.
  • Unified Messaging – You can choose to have your voicemail delivered straight to your inbox. This way, you can pay attention to your most urgent messages right away.
  • Work from anywhere
  • Multi-Level Auto Attendant – Youcan manage all your incoming calls or route incoming calls to designated mailboxes that give general information.
  • Desktop control
  • Voicemail – Multiple users can access voicemail. They can also listen to and leave messages.
  • SIP trunking with BT SIP Trunk

With our qualified BT Quantum telephone engineers, we provide first class maintenance and support for the BT Quantum telephone system. We specialise in maintaining, repairing, programming and re programming, servicing or adding extra extensions to your BT Quantum telephone system, suppliers and data by even a minor problem. Telecom Solutions (GB) Limited provides.

Thinking of relocating business premises? Our qualified BT Quantum Telephone Engineers can move your BT Quantum Telephone System and re install it at your new premises. Contact our relocations team who will be more than happy to help. Our BT Quantum engineers have relocated and installed hundreds of BT Quantum telephone systems all over the UK and we have one of the most extensive knowledge bases in the whole of the UK on the programming and wiring of the BT Quantum Telephone System.
Our fully trained engineers are familiar with all BT Telephone Systems from the older BT Meridian Norstar range all the way through to the BT Versatility, Avaya, Mitel and BT Quantum Telephone Systems.

If you have had your BT Quantum telephone system for over 3 years, we could offer to upgrade it to the latest telephone system on the market at no extra cost and reduce your telecoms expense by up to 40%. Just call our sales team on 0800 112 3280 for a free site survey and cost comparison.


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